ICMP 2003


Notice that the detailed session schedule is
included in the full ICMP 2003 schedule

Each session consisted of 3 hours of invited talks of a length between 15 and 30 minutes. Sessions were divided in two parts of 1.5 hours each ((1) and (2) in the conference schedule). Each period of 1.5 hours was always occupied by two or three parallel session parts.

In addition, for each session, there was a Poster Session which allowed to discuss with the authors in a friendly environment. Abstracts for posters were submitted electronically and approved by the respective session organizers.

Authors contributing to the Proceedings of ICMP2003 were expected to come to the Congress with their papers in digital format and ready for publication. Authors are invited to check the available instructions for submission of papers.

Condensed matter physics J. Yngvason (Wien), Y. Avron (Haïfa)
Dynamical systems M. Viana (Rio de Janeiro), H. Eliasson (Paris)
Equilibrium statistical mechanics D. Brydges (Vancouver), E. Olivieri (Rome)
Fluid dynamics and nonlinear PDEs S. Kuksin (Edinburgh), J.P. Eckmann (Genève)
General relativity A. Rendall (Potsdam), R. Bartnik (Canberra)
Integrable systems and random matrix theory P. Deift (New York), M. Jimbo (Tokyo)
Nonequilibrium statistical mechanics G. Gallavotti (Rome), S. Olla (Cergy-Pontoise)
Operator algebras and quantum information A. Ocneanu (Penn State), D. Petz (Budapest)
Path integrals and stochastic analysis S. Albeverio (Bonn), G. Ben Arous (Lausanne)
Quantum field theory D. Buchholz (Goettingen), J.-B. Zuber (Saclay)
Quantum mechanics and spectral theory C. Gerard (Orsay), R. Weder (Mexico)
String and M theory D. Morrison (Durham), H. Ooguri (Berkeley & Caltech)