ICMP 2003

Dynamical systems

Session organized by M. Viana (Rio de Janeiro), H. Eliasson (Paris).


J. BochiIMPA, Rio de Janeiro
D. DolgopyatMaryland
H. EliassonParis - Jussieu
J. MatherPrinceton
W. SchlagCaltech
M. ShubIBM and Toronto
Jairo Bochi
IMPA, Rio de Janeiro

The Lyapunov exponents of generic volume preserving and symplectic maps

Dmitry Dolgopyat

Dynamics of particles in dispersive billiards

Haakan Eliasson
Paris - Jussieu

Reducibility and almost reducibilty for linear quasi-periodic systems

Reducibility is a central notion for the class of linear quasi-periodic systems which have analytic (or at least smooth) hull and Diophantine frequencies. We present a perturbative result about a slightly weaker property -- almost reducibility. We discuss this notion and its relation to reducibility.

John Mather

Arnold diffusion

Wilhelm Schlag

Recent work on discrete Schrödinger operators with deterministic potentials

Mike Shub
IBM and Toronto

Nonzero Lyapunov exponents versus deterministic exponents for a twist like family of diffeomorphisms of the two sphere


V.M. Ivanov
Ural State U.

The control of asymptotic of discrete time dynamical system

M. Klimek
Czestochowa, Poland

Introduction to fractional sequential mechanics

D.A. Mendes, J. Sousa Ramos
ISCTE, Lisbon and IST, Lisbon

Kneading theory for two-dimensional skew-product maps

P. Kasperkovitz, C. Tutschka
ITP, Wien, Austria and Univ. Carlos III, Madrid, Spain

Ergodic properties of a 2D Hamiltonian system with step potential

V.M. Ungureanu
U. Constantin Brancusi, Romenia

The exponential dichotomy of linear discrete time systems with stochastic perturbations in Hilbert spaces

C. Neto de Carvalho
U. Lisbon

Fractal implications in spatial and evolutionary paleoecology of the daedulus producer (ichnofabric analysis)

C.C. Ramos, N. Martins, A.N. Sharkovsky, J.S. Ramos
Évora, Portugal; IST, Lisbon; NAS, Ukraine; IST, Lisbon

C* algebras associated to the Feigenbaum attractor

C. Gracio, J. Sousa Ramos
Évora, Portugal and IST, Lisbon

Geodesic length spectrum, systoles and eigenvalues of the Laplacian

C. Januario, J. Sousa Ramos
ISEL, Lisbon and IST , Lisbon

Symbolic dynamics for piecewise linear area-preserving maps

A. Hernandez-Garduno
UNA, Mexico

Symmetries in simple mechanical systems

J. Duarte, L. Silva, J. Sousa Ramos
ISEL, Lisbon; Évora, Portugal and IST, Lisbon

Discrete dynamics of the Fitzhugh-Nagumo systems

J.L. Rocha, J. Sousa Ramos
ISEL, Lisbon and IST, Lisbon

Iterated maps of the interval with holes and overlaps

M. Lenci
Stevens Inst. Tech., USA

Infinite-measure billiards

J. Font, C. Simo, A. Nunes
Barcelona; Barcelona, Spain and CFTC, Univ. Lisbon

Consecutive quasi-collisions in the RTBP

A. Prykarpatsky, N. Prykarpatska
Univ. Mining and Metallurgy, Krakow, Poland and IAPMM of NAS, Lviv, Ukraine

Ergodic measure and homology properties of time-dependent periodic hamiltonian flows on symplectic manifolds

S. Vinagre, R. Severino and J. Sousa Ramos
Évora, Portugal; Univ. Minho, Portugal and IST, Lisbon

Symbolic dynamics for nonlinear difference operator of Schrödinger type

S. Fernandes, J. Sousa Ramos
Évora, Portugal and IST, Lisbon

Second largest eigenvalue of a Markov shift as a topological invariant

V.A. Tyulyukin
Inst. Math. and Mech., Ural branch of Russian Acad. Of Sciences

Algorithm for solving terminal control problems for a linear dynamical discrete system

J.C. Chimal

Complexity dynamics in a computational model inspired in the laws of organismal evolution

O. Mul
ICIT, Ukraine

Analysis of vibrations in the dynamical systems of complex machine assemblies

M. Amar, B. Sabrina
Badji Mokhtar, Algeria

Limit cycles of Lienard systems

R. Berlanga
UNA, Mexico

Homotopy equivalence and groups of measure-preserving homeomorphisms

A.J. Maciejewski, M. Przybylska
Zielona, Poland and Inria-Project Café, France

Application of Morales-Ramis differential Galois theory to study the integrability for certain dynamical systems

R. Inoue

The matrix realization of affine Jacobi varieties and the extended Lotka-Volterra lattice

A. Sacchetti
Modena, Italy

Chaotic behaviour of driven two-level systems

B. Mestel
Exter, UK

Renormalisation in quasiperiodically drewn quantum systems