ICMP 2003

Instructions for authors

World Scientific will publish the Proceedings of ICMP 2003. All the authors contributing to these Proceedings are expected to come to the Congress with their paper ready for publication. World Scientific supplies LaTeX2e macro packages for the layout of the submitted articles. A basic knowledge of LaTeX is required in order to understand these packages.

You may download here the LaTeX2e class files, as well as documentation and a sample article file:

Please do not make changes in the ".cls" files above. You may redefine LaTeX commands in the file "template.tex" below.
You may notice that the World Scientific website has for download ".cls" files similar to those above; do not use them. For your contribution to the Proceedings of ICMP2003, do not use ".cls" files other than those available right here.

You may also download all of the files above packed in a single file. Choose the most convenient format for you:

Please consider also to fill and send the copyright transfer form to World Scientific.