ICMP 2003

Human rights session

2003 July 31, 11:30 - 12:30

The aim of this session is to provide a forum for discussing human rights problems as well as issues relating to scientific exchanges and education of our present and future scientific, academic and scholarly colleagues. This limitation to a very small part of the universal human rights issues of poverty, oppression, war, political, ethnic and religious conflicts is not based on the presumed importance of highly trained "people like us" in the general scheme of things. It is for the purpose of focusing on issues where the participants in this international conference on mathematical physics may (i) be able to make a positive contribution, (ii) agree on what would constitute such a positive contribution.

I very much hope that you will all want to participate in this session.

In order to organize a fruitful session I would very much appreciate it if all who want to make a presentation in the session would contact me by e-mail, by leaving a message, or personally at the conference.

Looking forward to seeing you in Lisbon, with best wishes,

Professor Joel L. Lebowitz
Center for Mathematical Sciences Research
Rutgers, The State University
110 Frelinghuysen Road
Piscataway, NJ 08854-8019